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Managing Digital Eye Strain with Neurolens

Life can get busy, and sometimes, that can mean neglecting some signs that your eyes need a break. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, neck pain, or tired eyes after extended screen time, you may be suffering from digital eye strain

Our team at Total Vision Camarillo understands that sometimes digital eye strain can seem inevitable, but we want to help you find relief through Neurolens. 

Neurolens is a contoured prism eyeglasses lens that can address the visual challenges of digital eye strain, going beyond traditional lenses to support how your eyes work together to focus on and track digital devices.

You don’t have to deal with digital eye strain alone—contact us to schedule your appointment today and find out if Neurolens is right for your needs.

The Neurolens Advantage

Neurolens glasses are crafted to improve your digital comfort by targeting a root cause of eye strain associated with prolonged screen use. Along with correcting refractive errors, Neurolens contoured prism lenses can tackle the unique demands posed by extensive screen time. 

The symptoms Neurolens can help with include:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Eye strain and fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck and shoulder pain

How Neurolens Works

The contoured prism design of Neurolens glasses lenses can address eye misalignment, which is often a major contributor to digital eye discomfort. By incorporating peripheral vision information into the lens design, Neurolens lenses can create a broader field of view and help reduce the effort needed for your eyes to focus on digital screens.

Addressing Digital Eye Strain

Traditional eyeglasses primarily correct blurry vision, but digital devices can place distinct demands on our eyes, requiring continuous focusing and refocusing between screens and our environment. 

Neurolens technology incorporates peripheral vision data into the lenses, enhancing the field of view and decreasing the strain associated with extended time on digital devices.

Neurolens & Eye Misalignment

Even slight misalignments in how your eyes work together can contribute significantly to digital eye strain. 

These misalignments can hinder effective eye teaming and make focusing on near objects for extended periods of time challenging. Neurolens lenses can address these issues by optimizing the lens design to enhance eye coordination and help reduce strain and discomfort.

Your Comprehensive Neurolens Assessment

At Total Vision Camarillo, our eye care professionals can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if Neurolens is the right solution for you. This comprehensive assessment may include:

  • An in-depth discussion about your digital device use and visual symptoms
  • A complete eye health evaluation to identify any underlying conditions
  • An assessment of your eye teaming and focusing abilities to detect potential misalignments causing digital eye strain

From there, our team can discuss whether Neurolens is the right option for you.

Experience Neurolens for Yourself

Find out more about whether or not Neurolens can help you by scheduling an appointment at Total Vision Camarillo. We would love to help you find a path to dry eye relief.

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