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Comfortable Vision for the Digital Age

There’s no denying it: digital devices like televisions, computers, tablets, and laptops are here to stay. These technologies have become essential to our daily lives, impacting the way we work, relax, and connect with one another. But have you ever wondered what effect these devices could have on your eyes?

Digital eye strain is a common issue people experience after spending a long period of time in front of a screen, leaving eyes feeling uncomfortable, tired, and irritated. If you’re struggling with these symptoms, our eye doctors can help tailor a solution so you can get back to enjoying your devices comfortably.

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How Does Digital Eye Strain Occur?

Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, can occur when you spend a long period of time looking at a digital screen. While you’re focused on a screen, your eyes may blink less, leading to eye strain symptoms like redness, teariness, and general discomfort.

Eye strain can occur whenever you’re focusing on an up-close object for a long period of time, like reading or writing. However, screen brightness, workplace ergonomics, and light sources could impact how comfortably your eyes see digital screens.

Blue Light & Your Eyes

Blue light is a common talking point for many people interested in managing their digital eye strain, but there may be some misconceptions about blue light and how it affects your eyes. We’re here to help you have a clear understanding of blue light and its effects.

While blue light is emitted from digital screens, the largest producer of blue light is the sun. Digital blue light pales in comparison to blue light from the sun, but it can disrupt your circadian rhythm if you use your device too much before sleep.

Blue light lenses can help manage the amount of blue light your eyes intake.

Managing Your Symptoms

The 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule is a common exercise we recommend for alleviating digital eye strain symptoms. Whenever you’re focusing on an up-close project for a long period of time, spend 20 seconds every 20 minutes looking at something about 20 feet away.

This practice can help give your eyes a few moments to blink and readjust so you can get back to working comfortably.

We can recommend a variety of different eye drops for managing digital eye strain and dry eye symptoms. We recommend having an eye exam with us before you use any over-the-counter products, as these could have different nutrients that may not be suitable for your eyes.

Some digital eye strain symptoms can develop depending on your workplace ergonomics and environment. If you’re struggling with eye comfort at work, try:

  • Placing your screen about an arm’s length away.
  • Adding a humidifier to your room.
  • Making sure your workplace has good lighting.
  • Adjusting your screen so it doesn’t produce glare.

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