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Preserving Your Child’s Vision with the Total Myopia Program

At Total Vision Camarillo, we understand your concerns about your child’s vision. Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision condition that can cause blurred distance vision. We can give comprehensive care and help protect your little one’s eye health with our Total Myopia program.

We create a personalized plan for every child under our watch. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Customized myopia control methods & thorough training to support usage
  • Regular check-ups to help sustain eye health with consistent medical oversight & management
  • Assessments aligned with your child’s individualized treatment plan
  • An ongoing maintenance routine with a focus on achieving effective, long-term results

Let’s work together to keep your child’s eyes happy and healthy.

What Is Myopia Control?

Myopia occurs when the cornea or eye shape grows too long for light to focus correctly, so distant objects appear out of focus. Myopia usually starts developing during the early school years and continues progressing until early adulthood.

The aim of myopia control is to slow or stop progression. It’s like applying brakes to a fast-moving car, aiming to prevent worsening outcomes by slowing down myopia’s progression.

Myopia’s Impact on Your Child

Myopia can affect your child’s daily life. It’s not just about seeing the board in school or spotting a friend across the playground. Myopia can actually have an impact on their social life and academics.

A significant part of the brain plays a role in processing visual information, which can impact their learning and development. When your child is struggling to see or make sense of what they see, it can really take a toll on their confidence and ability to learn.

With the Total Myopia program, we’re here to support your child with consistent, personalized management.

Common Signs & Symptoms of Myopia

Blurry vision is the most common symptom of myopia. But kids often don’t realize they are seeing things differently. Instead, they might demonstrate other signs, such as:

  • Excessive squinting, blinking, or eye rubbing
  • Getting headaches after focusing on distant objects
  • Complaining of tiredness or eye discomfort
  • Clumsiness, like struggling to catch in sports or bumping into objects

Starting Myopia Control Early Matters

Detecting and managing myopia early can help improve long-term outcomes. Myopia is progressive, meaning the condition worsens over time when uncontrolled. Not only does myopia affect distance vision, but it also increases the chances of serious eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal detachment.

By starting myopia management early on, we can slow down its progression, reduce the risks to eye health, and help prevent the need for stronger corrective lenses. Schedule your child’s eye exam at Total Vision Camarillo today.

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